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Arena Womens Powerskin Swimming Kneesuit Open Back Carbon Air² Swimwear Black

by Arena
Original price £249.99 - Original price £249.99
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£249.99 - £249.99
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  • Experience a cutting-edge racing design meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled flexibility and hydrodynamics. The Powerskin Carbon-AIR² is tailored to maximize your performance in the water.
  • Embrace unparalleled comfort and speed with zero stitching in the exterior shell. This innovative construction ensures 100% comfort and minimizes drag, enhancing your efficiency in the water.
  • The revolutionary 3-piece lining design amplifies your body's natural range of motion, enabling you to stretch further with ease and precision for enhanced agility and speed.
  • Integrated horizontal bands of carbon fibre offer targeted support, locking down on muscles for heightened control and boosted performance, ensuring you glide through the water with unparalleled ease.
  • Engineered with lightweight materials, this kneeskin combines agility with durability. Its streamlined design ensures maximum comfort without compromising on power and longevity.


  • 1x Arena Womens Powerskin Swimming Kneesuit Open Back Carbon AIR² Swimwear Black

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