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Arena Team Boys Swim Jammer Reduced Drag Athletic Swimming Bathing Costume, Navy

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  • ECHO-CONSCIOUS: Introducing the Arena Swim Pro Jammer, made with care using 50% recycled polyester. We've put our product through thorough testing to make sure it's safe and free from any harmful substances. Plus, it's got built-in UV 50+ protection to keep your young swimmer safe from the sun. It's the perfect pick for your budding athlete!
  • CHLORINE-RESILIENT:  Our Arena swimming costume is chlorine resilient, meaning it's resistant to harmful chemicals found in pools. Your jammer stays fresh and retains its vibrant colour even with frequent use. This durability ensures that you get the best value for your money, as you won't have to constantly replace it due to fading.
  • SHRINKAGE PROOF: Our jammers are designed to be shrinkage-proof, meaning they maintain their shape and size over time. This ensures a consistent fit for the wearer, which is crucial for competitive swimmers relying on their gear for optimal performance. This means no uncomfortable tightness or looseness caused by fabric distortion. With our shrinkage-proof jammers, swimmers can trust in both the fit and comfort, enhancing their performance in the water.
  • COMPETITIVE EDGE: Featured with a reduced drag style design, crafted to minimize water resistance and enhance mobility in the water. This innovative design reduces the pressure applied by the water, allowing swimmers to move more effortlessly through the pool. Whether you're training for competition or enjoying a leisurely swim, our reduced drag style design ensures you glide through the water with ease, empowering you to reach your full potential.
  • VERSATILE USAGE: Boy's swim jammers are super flexible. They're not just for swimming in pools. You can wear them for other water sports like water polo or surfing. They dry quickly and are tough, so they're great for active stuff like running or hitting the gym. And get this—they look cool too! You can wear them for hanging out at the beach or pool.


  • Brand: Arena
  • Condition: New with tags
  • Department: Boys
  • Type: Swim Bottom
  • Garment Care: Hand Wash Only
  • MPN: 004772450
  • Material: 100% Polyester, Polyester
  • Features: Chlorine-Resistant, Drawstring, Lightweight, Quick Dry
  • Colour: Navy
  • Swim Bottom Style: Jammer
  • EAN: 3468336639948


  • 1x Boy's Team Swim Jammer

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