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CamelBak Women Circuit Vest 5L with 1.5L Reservoir Breathable 3D Micro Mesh Travel Backpack - Silver/Dusk

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  • WOMEN'S CIRCUT VEST: One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to running gear. The women's circuit vest is engineered to fit a woman's frame perfectly. With adjustable straps and a tailored design, it provides a snug and supportive fit that moulds to your body. Say goodbye to uncomfortable bouncing or chafing, and hello to a vest that feels like a second skin.
  • BREATHABLE AND COMFORTABLE: When you're pushing your limits on the trail, comfort is crucial. That's where the 3D micro mesh comes into play. This innovative material allows for multi-directional airflow, keeping you cool and dry even during the most intense runs. The cushioning adds an extra layer of comfort, ensuring that every stride feels effortless.
  • SECURE PHONE POCKETS: In today's digital age, staying connected is important, even when you're hitting the trails. That's why we've included a secure phone pocket in the women's circuit vest. Conveniently located and equipped with a zipper closure, this pocket ensures that your phone stays safe and easily accessible throughout your run.
  • DUAL ADJUSTABLE STERNUM STRAPS: Stability is key when it comes to running gear, and the women's circuit vest delivers just that. With dual adjustable sternum straps, you can find the perfect fit that offers both stability and freedom of movement. No more worrying about your vest shifting or bouncing around as you conquer the miles.
  • TUBE TRAP FOR EASY HYDRATION: Staying hydrated is essential for any runner, and the women's circuit vest makes it incredibly easy. The innovative tube trap keeps your drink tube secure and easily accessible, so you can take a sip without breaking your stride. Stay hydrated and focused on your run, without any distractions.
  • Type: Vest
  • Closure: Pull On
  • Colour: Silver/Dusk
  • Features: Mesh 3D Padding, Pockets, Adjustable Straps


  • 1x Women Circut Vest 5L with 1.5L Reservior - Silver & Dusk

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