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Devoted Creations CEglOw Tanning Lotion Vitamin C Infused Glowing Skin Serum

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  • This breakthrough Vitamin C serum uses blazing amounts of DHA to profoundly feed and moisturize while delivering a bright glow.
  • It absorbs excess oils, unclogs blocked pores, and soothes irritation. It can also help restore the skin's natural pH balance.
  • Contains Vitamin C with tiny gold particles that help the Vitamin C to penetrate deeper into the skin for greater complexion-perfecting benefits while also addressing the appearance of fine wrinkles and discoloration.
  • The ultra-hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and nutrient-rich Niacinamide work overtime to replace lost moisture, defend skin from environmental stress and damage, and increase skin brightness, creating a remarkable blurring effect. 
  • This multi-dimensional, lightweight super serum with Super Slimming Technology will soon become your go-to for lovely, glowing skin.


 Devoted Creations CEglOw Vitamin C Serum - 400ml

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