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Devoted Creations H.I.M Chrome Tanning Lotion Outdoor Body Deodorising Bronzer

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  • HIM Chrome Bronzer™ is formulated specifically for men's skin. Devoted Creations H.I.M. Chrome Bronzer will help you make your tan as strong as Chrome so that fading doesn't just scrape the surface and rob you of your color.
  • The bronzer, which was created exclusively for men, has a minimal level of melanin boosters, which help to keep tanning results vibrant with each session. DHA is used to enhance the color, and the SunXtend component helps you avoid several tanning sessions.
  • Tattoo and Colour Fading Protective solution that keeps your tattoos' color and luster.
  • The bronzer includes Matrixyl Synthe 6 and vitamin C, which help to form collagen fibers in the skin and so diminish the appearance of wrinkles produced by aging or tanning.
  • Avocado Extract reduces skin reddening caused by irritation, reddening, and razor burn. Vitamins C and E - Protect the skin from environmental damage, promoting a more youthful appearance.


Devoted Creations  H.I.M Chrome Body Deodorising Bronzer - 251ml

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