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Donic Schildkrot  Table Tennis 1 Star Elite Poly 40+ Balls 2 Colours - 6 pcs

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Donic Schildkrot  Table Tennis 1-Star Elite Poly 40+ Ball - 6 Pack 

The Elite 1 * plastic table tennis ball for advanced recreational games. 3 balls in the most common color white and 3 balls in orange for better visibility due to more color contrast. Diameter: ø 40mm, in the new Poly 40+ quality. Since July 2014, the classic celluloid balls have been replaced by the new plastic balls at ITTF tournaments and then gradually in most high-ranking leagues. Plastic balls are more environmentally friendly to manufacture with comparable playing properties. By default, they are distinguished from conventional celluloid balls by the imprint "40+".

Incidentally, Schildkröt's table tennis ball production goes back a long way. The so-called blow-press method was developed by Schildkröt in Mannheim as early as 1896, and the balls are still made today. No other brand is as connected to the table tennis ball as Schildkröt. Donic enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide in the table tennis competition segment and is the supplier of numerous well-known top players. The traditional German brand Schildkröt has been established on the market for well over 100 years and is considered the inventor of the table tennis ball. Today Donic-Schildkröt is the undisputed market leader in the field of leisure table tennis in Central Europe. Production takes place in the BSCI-certified Schildkröt factory in China under the highest social standards.

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