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Easy Body Lipitek Fat Burner Weight Loss Caps For Women x 90

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Specifically formulated for women, LIPITEK combines several active ingredients that will help you reach the most ambitious goals. Everybody knows how difficult it is to lose weight with diet alone and Lipitek has been designed to be included in any weight loss program that must include a low calorie diet and an exercise program that increases calorie expenditure. Thanks to the combination of its many natural ingredients, it will contribute to your success. It is therefore the perfect supplement to use for any woman keeping an eye on her silhouette.

Natural formula of Lipitek

LIPITEK contains many natural ingredients, including yerba mate extract (250 mg for 2 caps), which has antioxidant properties and can contribute to stimulate the metabolism, a very beneficial extract during calorie restricted periods. LIPITEK also combines guarana and caffeine for added stimulant effect, helping the metabolism of lipids and the control of body weight. Green tea extract has been proven to help with weight control and offers many other benefits, such as tonic and antioxidant properties. The dandelion extract present in LIPITEK's formula provides a diuretic effect, helping the body to detox and eliminate excess water. The Chromium added to the formula adds more benefits as it contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism and to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.


Perfect supplement for weight loss

LIPITEK is the ideal product for any woman in addition to a weight loss diet and an exercise program. Just take 1 capsule of LIPITEK in the morning and 1 at lunchtime, and you will feel the benefits very quickly!

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