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Easy Lace No Tie SilElastic icone Slip On Trainers Shoelaces 20 Piece

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Easy Lace No Tie Elastic Silicone Slip On Trainers Shoelaces 20 Piece

Bin your unsightly, time consuming laces and replace them with new Easy Laces creating a neat new trendy look and turning your shoes into slip-ons with out fuss. Easy Lace Card of 20 silicone flat laces in 10 sizes to fit any shoe, supplied on a card.

The patented Pull and Lock arrow head design of the laces ensures that they can be pulled through the eyelets easily and then are locked into place on almost all sizes of eyelets. For children - No more walking around with their laces undone For the Less Able - Not so much bending and tying laces just slip your feet in… NEAT PERFECT FIT COMFORTABLE EASY TO USE DURABLE.

Product Features

  • Card of 20 pieces
  • 100 percent silicone laces with patented pull and lock design

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