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Fitness Mad Yoga Mad Additional Posture Support Foam 369 Yoga Block

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Fitness Mad Yoga Pilates 369 Block Supprt & Stability For Different Poses

The 369 Yoga-Mad yoga block helps you to modify poses to suit your flexibility. The block provides the perfect support and stability for the body in different poses. Can be used as a pair for downward dog pose (Adho mukha �n�sana) or easy pose to support the knees (Sukhasana). The block is made from high quality, scratch resistant and wipe clean EVA foam for durablity and longevity of use.

Product details:

  • Dimensions - 230mm x 150mm x 76mm
  • Sold singly (image as a pair for illustrative purposes only)
  • Material - EVA foam
  • Care instructions - Wipe clean with a clean damp cloth.


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