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Gunn & Moore Cricket Bat Hypa DXM 606 Rubber Grip Handle English Willow - Harrow

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  • CONCAVE BACK PROFILE: The concave back of the bat reduces the weight without compromising power and offers a thick blade that enhances thickness for durability and strength providing batsmen with confidence in their stroke play.
  • ENGLISH WILLOW MATERIAL: Gunn & Moore uses English willow material to construct bats for superior responsiveness and they reduce weight without compromising power and improved bat speed.
  • OPTIMIZED BALANCE: Optimal balance enhances the overall feel of the bat in the hands of the player ensuring a comfortable and natural grip that allows players to focus on their batting technique.
  • F4.5 FACE PROFILE: The F4.5 face profile is designed to enhance the size and effectiveness of the bat's sweet spot allowing for a wide range of shots, making it suitable for various playing styles and conditions.
  • SUITABLE FOR: The HypaDXM 606 cricket bat is specifically designed for advanced-level players who possess a solid foundation of batting technique offering versatility and responsiveness to support strategic gameplay.


  • Brand: Gunn & Moore
  • Model: Hypa DXM 606
  • Willow Material: English Willow
  • Bat Type: Senior
  • Technology: DXM
  • Blade Profile: Power Arc
  • Face Profile: F4.5
  • Back Profile: Concave
  • Blade Thickness: Thick
  • Swell Depth: High-Blade Swell
  • Handle: Powerarc Handle
  • Toe Protection: ToeTek Technology
  • Sweet Spot: Dynamic
  • Edge Thickness: Thick
  • Suitable for Advanced level players


  •  1x Bat

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