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Gunn & Moore Manna Batting Gloves Calf Leather Palm Lightweight Design Super Grip

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  • ADVANCED GRIP TECHNOLOGY:  The GM Batting Gloves palm is made of calf leather because it offers superior grip and durability. Calf leather is recognized for its natural texture and suppleness, which helps cricketers maintain a firm grip on the bat without compromising comfort. This ensures reliable performance and longevity, making the gloves suitable for regular use by aspiring young players.
  • ADVANCED PADING:  The Batting Gloves have foam padding in the back of the hand with high-density (HD) and medium-density (MD) for better protection against ball impacts. The padding absorbs shock and reduces the risk of injury, which is ideal for young cricketers and beginners.
  • PROTECTED PVC BACK:  The PVC back of the gloves provides flexibility and protection. PVC is a lightweight and flexible material that allows unrestricted hand movement while providing a barrier against impact and abrasion while playing cricket. This ensures comfort and confidence for beginner cricketers, allowing them to focus on their game without compromising on safety.
  • SLEEK DESIGN: These gloves are specifically designed for young cricketers and beginners in mind. They are crafted to be user-friendly and provide essential protection and comfort for those new to the game. The design ensures ease of use and helps build confidence for players learning the basics of batting.
  • PERFECT FIT:  The GMl Batting Gloves include a double-sided sweatband to soak up sweat and keep hands dry during play. They also have a soft-fill comfort lining that makes them feel comfortable and cushioned. Together, these features help young cricketers stay focused and enjoy a better batting experience without distractions.


  • Brand: Gunn & Moore
  • Model: Mana 
  • Material: calf leather 
  • Sport/Activity: Cricket
  • Department: Men
  • Construction: Lightweight
  • Colour: White
  • Model Year: 2024
  • Type: Batting Gloves
  • Protection: Ample padding for impact protection


  • 1x Batting Gloves

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