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Karakal Hot Zone Pro 125 Squash Racket String Co-Polymer Multifilament 11M Coil

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  • ADVANCED CONSTRUCTION: The Karakal Hot Zone Pro 125 squash string features a co-polymer multifilament core wrapped in high-tensile co-polymer braided layers, designed for exceptional performance. It enhances responsiveness and playability, providing a reliable feel during intense rallies.
  • TEXTURED NANO COATING: The squash string features a textured nano-coating that Enhances feel and durability. This coating improves the string's performance by providing superior power and consistency, essential for making precise shots, including delicate touch shots and well-placed cut shots that can determine the outcome of games.
  • PRO LEVEL PERFORMANCE: This product is Ideal for high-performance and professional squash players looking to achieve precise control and increased power during matches.
  • SUPERIOR POWER AND CONTROL: This string offers exceptional power while maintaining precise control, striking a balanced performance for players who require both precision and force during play.
  • ENHANCED DURABILITY: Karakal nano technology improves string durability, ensuring longevity and consistent performance match after match.


  • Condition: New
  • Brand: Karakal 
  • Model: Hot Zone Pro 125
  • Sport: Squash
  • Product Type: String
  • Feature: Co-Polymer Multifilament Core, Special Nano Coating


  • 1x Squash String

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