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by Molten
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By combining innovative technology and superior craftsmanship, Molten continues to create products worthy of play by the world’s most elite basketball stars.

Molten is dedicated to providing top of the line basketballs for FIBA, and the global basketball community thanks to a partnership which sponsors leagues in all corners of the world, spanning across six continents.

The Original Leather Texture on the BG3800 replaces the conventional pebble surface, creating up to 95% more surface area in contact with the hand in comparison to the pebble surface, allowing for better grip. The surface depth of the Original Leather Texture is ideal for sweat wiping effect, improving durability whilst maintaining optimum grip and the addition of Original Leather Texture takes full advantage of the original looking premium leather, highlighting the elegance and quality of a Molten basketball.

The BG3800 benefits from a new minimal design with new colours on the cover and channels, highlighting the colour contrast for better visibility. The Molten logo reduction of 25% has the dual benefit of showcasing more of the ball, as well as creating an increased grip area.

The BG3800 is FIBA approved and suitable for indoor use only.

Available in sizes 7, 6

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