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Molten Vantaggio Football PU Leather Soccer Quality Match Training Ball Size 4

by Molten
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  • CLASSIC: Molten classic LOGO uses an excellent printing process, durable and colourblind. It's the biggest star on the football field, no matter where it fits. Show the durable quality of the molten ball.
  • TEXTURED SURFACE: A surface that enhances flight stability. The textured surface of the ball reduces turbulence and stabilizes it while in flight. This enhances ball control, resulting in more accurate passes and shots.
  • HAND STITCHED: Each ball is hand-stitched from 32 pieces of carefully crafted PU leather, which is stronger and more beautiful than machine stitching.
  • NEW VALVE: Adopting a new valve reduces friction (40% compared to the previous Official Match balls) when inflating the ball, making it more resistant to damage.
  • FIND YOUR FIT: This football is available as both a size 4 football (9 years +) and size 5 football (over 14 years) & is suitable for both grass & Astro-Turf surfaces, Ball comes deflated & requires inflation, so ensure you have your molten pump


  • All balls have the correct pressure printed around the valve.
  • Correct ball inflation is important to maintain a technically superior product.
  • Overinflation will damage the ball.
  • When inflating the ball, with a pump, the pump needle must be lubricated before insertion.


  • Construction / Technology: Hand Stitched
  • Cover Material: PU Leather
  • Bladder: Latex
  • Supplied Inflated/Deflated: Deflated
  • Suitable Playing Surface: Grass, AstroTurf - Outdoor


Football Size | Ages | Ball Circumference

  • Size 5 | 14+ | 68 to 70
  • Size 4 | 9-14 | 63.5 to 66


  • 1x Football

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