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Omron P300 Intelli IT Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Highly Sensitive Monitor

by Omron
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£134.99 - £134.99
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  • PORTABLE DESIGN: The Omron oximeter is a portable monitor to observe blood oxygen levels. Its lightweight compact design is easy to carry whether you are travelling long-distance, or simply moving around your home.
  • HIGHLY SENSITIVE: Despite its small size, the Omron oximeter is equipped with advanced technology to ensure accurate readings of blood oxygen saturation. This device is highly sensitive and provides highly optimized results to efficiently monitor the oxygen level.
  • LED DISPLAY: Featured with an LED display, this oximeter provides clear readings to its users. A vibrant colourful LED display makes sure that readings are visible even in various lighting conditions. It conveys the important information at a glance. Users can quickly read the feedback due to the colourful LED display
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: Comes with Bluetooth connectivity feature, so users can easily sync their oxygon level. The Omron monitor can be connected through the Connect app to customers' smartphones or tablets. The customer then can track their oxygon level and access the record anytime.
  • SUITABLE FOR: The Omoron oximeter is a convenient and user-friendly tool. Its lightweight, compact design and advanced technology make it suitable for anyone concerned about their respiratory health. whether a professional or want to use it at home this oxygen monitor is suitable for all.


  • Brand: Omron
  • Condition: New
  • Model: P300 Intelli IT
  • Measurement Method: Oximeter
  • Display: LED Display
  • Measuring Function: Blood Oxygon Level
  • Measurement Site: Fingertip
  • Features: Compact design, Bluetooth connectivity
  • Colour: Black/White


  • 1x P300 Intel IT fingertip pulse oximeter, 2x AAA alkaline batteries, storage case, instruction manual

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