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OPRO Self-Fit Mouthguard Platinum Fangz Level 5 Shielding

by Opro
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$33.00 - $33.00
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  • This mouthguard features innovative self-fit technology, allowing you to create a bespoke, snug fit within moments, without the need for expensive custom fittings. Your safety, your way.
  • Antimicrobial properties keep bacteria at bay, promoting oral health. Additionally, its simple cleaning process ensures hassle-free maintenance after each use.
  • Crafted with superior-grade materials, this mouthguard provides a luxurious feel, ensuring optimal comfort without compromising on its exceptional protective qualities. Play with ease.
  • Engineered to withstand intense impacts, the Platinum Mouthguard boasts exceptional durability, maintaining its integrity and protective capabilities over extended periods of use.
  • Suitable for a wide range of sports like boxing, MMA, rugby, and more, the OPRO Self-Fit Platinum Mouthguard offers elite-level protection tailored to your athletic pursuits.


  • 1x OPRO Self-Fit Mouthguard Platinum Fangz Level 5 Shielding

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