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Opro Tec Adjustable Calf Support Sports And Muscle Pain Relief Brace

by Opro
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Opro Tec Adjustable Calf Support Sports And Muscle Pain Relief Brace

The OPROtec Adjustable Calf Support is designed to fight calf pain and shin splints. The one-size-fits-all sleeve can be adjusted for maximum comfort and relief, allowing you to apply thermal compression in all the right areas to promote warmth, blood flow and recovery. And the best news of all? You can slip it over either leg in a matter of seconds for fast relief and protection from lower leg pain. 

Is it right for me?

When you’re into sports and fitness, lower leg pain can be a frustrating setback. That’s why we designed our adjustable calf and shin support, helping to relieve the effects of shin splints, calf pain and general muscle soreness.

From the moment you wear it, your muscles and joints feel more limber and free, helping to ease pain throughout your leg. And because of the lightweight design, you can wear it everywhere from the gym to the football pitch, allowing you to enjoy the perfect balance of pain relief and protection.

This soft neoprene Adjustable Calf Support can be worn during training and for all-day use to ease the pain and discomfort associated with shin splints. By using the adjustable straps to give an individual fit, this bilateral support (fits left or right calf) provides improved healing through compression and firm contact.

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