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Opro Tec Ankle Brace Sleeve Sports Injury Or Pain Relief Support Strap

by Opro
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Opro Tec Ankle Brace Sleeve Sports Injury Or Pain Relief Support Strap

The OPROtec Ankle Sleeve is an ankle support built to give you the confidence to perform at your best – anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re suffering from muscle weakness or a more long-term injury, the lightweight sleeve is sure to provide the relief you need. And with a seamless design that can be slipped over your ankle in seconds, you can enjoy the benefits of thermal compression at home and on the go.

Is it right for me?

Our compression knit ankle sleeve is perfect for anyone who suffers ankle pain when walking, running, playing sports, or generally going about their day-to-day life. Whether your joints are weak because of an ankle ligament injury or you simply don’t have as strong a step as you used to, our ankle support is sure to provide the relief, support and protection that you need.

The Ankle Sleeve is suitable for wearing on a daily basis to relieve the pain and stiffness of a sore ankle as well as a follow-up treatment for Achilles ruptures. This functional product can be used as a preventative or treatment option for day-to-day living or for a number of sporting activities. The compressive nature of this support will ease mild ankle and foot osteoarthritis.



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