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Opro Tec Knee Sleeve With Stablisers Thermal Compression Support Brace

by Opro
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OproTec Knee Sleeve With Stablisers Thermal Compression Support Brace

What is it?

The OPROtec Knee Brace with Stabilisers is a thermal compression knee support designed to offer immediate relief and protection for sore and fatigued muscles. It has a sleek design that can be slipped on in seconds, with built-in stabilisers to give you a sure footing with every step.

Is it right for me?

This is the ideal knee support for running and other high-impact sports activity. The thermal compression design keeps your joint warm and comfortable while the stabilisers give you the confidence to move with freedom. This also makes it an excellent knee support for arthritis, allowing you to enjoy support, stability and warming relief, wherever the day takes you.

But that’s not all… Our knee brace with stabilisers is also a great option for anyone recovering from a serious knee injury or surgery. Whether you have ruptured your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) or sprained your medial knee ligaments, our knee support with stabilisers is certain to give you comfort and relief on the road to recovery.

The Knee Brace with Stabilisers is ideal for improving knee stability following medial (inside) or lateral (outside) knee ligament injuries. The knee support can also be used in a range of sports such as football, rugby and skiing.

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