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Powerglide Invicta  Pool Cue 2 Piece 10mm Tip 30" Maple Shaft Secure Joint Non Slip Grip

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  • TWO PIECE CONSTRUCTION: Constructed in two pieces, this pool stick is travel-friendly and can be carried and stored easily making it perfect for the players on the go. 
  • DECORATIVE DESIGN: Featuring a decorative design printed on top of the maple butt, this cue adds a touch of style to your game, making you stand out on the pool table.
  • MAPLE SHAFT: The 30" cue shaft is constructed with maple wood providing durability and a responsive feel, essential for maintaining control during shots.
  • ALUMINUM POOL JOINT: The aluminium pool joint ensures a secure connection between the two cue pieces, preventing wobbling and increasing stability during gameplay.
  • OPTIMAL GRIP: The maple butt is wrapped with a black linen grip, offering a comfortable and secure grip, preventing any slippage while playing.


  • Brand: Powerglide 
  • Condition: New
  • Cue Length: Available in 57" (144cm)
  • Shaft Length: 73.5cm (30") Excluding protruding 2cm male joint and rubber buffer
  • Butt Length: 71cm (28") Excluding tip
  • Shaft: Maple
  • Tip: 10mm, Aluminium ferrule
  • Butt: Maple butt with decal and black linen grip
  • Decoration: Decal
  • Joint: Pool Joint
  • Butt End Joint: Rubber Buffer


  • 1x Pool Cue

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