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Powerglide Snooker Balls Set 2" Scratch Resistant Resin 3g Billiard Table Ball

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  • SCRATCH RESISTANCE: The meticulously designed Powerglide cue balls can withstand rigorous gameplay without getting scratched while maintaining their quality and appearance.
  • CONSTRUCTION:  Introducing Powerglide snooker balls crafted from unsaturated resin making these balls durable and safe from chipping or cracking.
  • BALANCED REBOUND: These balls are made with quality resin due to which they offer perfect balance and rebound consistently during gameplay offering a smooth gaming experience.
  • WEIGHT TOLERANCE: Each ball in the set is manufactured with a high level of precision ensuring uniformity in weight and size and maintaining the quality of the complete ball set.
  • STANDARD SIZE: The set includes snooker balls with a size of 2" (51mm), with the white cue ball slightly smaller at 1 7/8". These are standard snooker ball dimensions, ensuring compatibility with most snooker tables and cues.


  • Brand: Powerglide
  • Condition: New
  • Material: Unsaturated Resin
  • Type: Balls
  • Sport: Snooker
  • Size: 2" (51mm) [1 7/8" White]


  • 1x Snooker Ball Set of 22

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