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Powerglide Vibe Snooker Pool Cue with Soft Case Brass Joint Decal Butt Ash Shaft

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  • TWO-PIECE CONSTRUCTION: With the 50/50 split design the cue comes in two pieces making it easier to store and carry the cue comfortably.
  • DECAL DESIGN: The Powerglide cue features a stunning decal design, enhancing its overall appearance and making it stand out on the pool or snooker table. 
  • BRASS JOINT: Cue features a brass joint, joining the shaft and the butt securely. This secure connection ensures the alignment for a smooth and accurate cue shot.
  • 10MM LEATHER TIP: Equipped with a 10mm natural leather tip this pool cue ensures the consistency and grip allowing players to achieve precise shots with ease.
  • CUE SLEEVE: Additionally, the Powerglide cue comes with a cue sleeve which is ultra slim and super soft providing storage and protection for the cue when not in use.


  • Brand: Powerglide
  • Model: Vibe
  • Condition: New
  • Tip Size: 10mm
  • Joint: Brass
  • Colour: Decal Decor
  • Cue Sport: Snooker


  • 1x Snooker Cue with Cue Sleeve

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