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QNT Enerjack Protein Bars Endurance & Recovery 12 x 75g

by QNT
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QNT ENERJACK is a ready to use energy bar that has been formulated to provide a boost of energy to all athletes and active people who are engaged in strenuous exercise. Thanks to the combination of simple and complex carbohydrates derived from oats and other sources, QNT ENERJACK is a delicious snack that can be used easily in any situation and can provide immediate and long lasting energy needed to complete the most demanding efforts.

Cyclists, runners and all endurance athletes, but also mountain climbers, team sport athletes (like footballers, rugby and basketball players) and active people in different fields, know very well the importance of a reliable energy source to successfully complete a demanding training session, a match or a competition. Too often a serious training session ends in failure due to a lack of energy to support the body with the energy it needs and this is a situation that all sportsmen and sportswomen absolutely want to avoid.

QNT ENERJACK is the perfect solution for all of them, because it packs a lot of readily available energy in a small size snack that is easy to carry and can be eaten in any situation, even during exercise. The two fantastic flavours that are currently available, cafe latte and double chocolate, make it the delicious and perfect energy rich snack that everybody is looking for, any time of the day.

The release of energy is modulated by the carefully selected carbohydrate sources, that provide immediate and long lasting energy to the muscles. QNT ENERJACK can also be used in combination with a protein drink*, to provide the nutrients needed for muscle growth and maintenance*. This latter feature makes it the perfect partner also for the athletes of all strength sports, either before training for added energy or as a snack between meals.

*Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

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