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QNT Omega 3 Pure EPA & DHA Essential Fats For Immune Brain Heart Health 60 Caps

by QNT
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QNT Omega 3 Healthy Nutrition Immune System Dietary Support - 60 Caps
Omega 3 from QNT is composed of two fatty acids (EPA and DHA). Found mostly in fish both are essential for the regulation of a variety of functions within the human body. Along with vitamins and minerals, Omega 3 helps prevent cardio-vascular diseases, decreases bad cholesterol, fights stress and supports the immune system.
Recommended EPA and DHA doses are not easy to get from modern diets, this is why Omega 3 is truly the perfect companion for a healthy diet.
  • Fish oil, gelatin, glycerine
How To Use
  • Take 2 gel caps daily
  • 60 Caps
Model QNT0702

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