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Talbot Torro Arrowspeed 199 Badminton Racket Entry Level Graphite Mix One Piece

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Talbot Torro Arrowspeed 299 Badminton Racket Entry Level Graphite 

  • Graphite composite
  • 100% graphite shaft, one-piece look
  • Triangle profile, Lawntex string
  • 91g unstrung, 96g strung
  • Color: black-green, all-round.

The new Talbot Torro Arrowspeed 299 is a versatile, well-balanced leisure racket for relatively little money. It has a graphite composite construction (graphite-aluminum mix) and is optically one-piece (one piece optic). The balanced racket weighs only 91 g unstrung or 96 g strung. The medium shaft flexibility is a good compromise between control and power. The head is slightly angular; This triangle head profile makes the racket more torsionally stiff and balls hit off-center do not twist it too much (=> more control when striking). The Arrowspeed 299 is strung with the multifilament Lawntex string in 0.8mm - durable and elastic. The maximum recommended tension is 8 kg.

Talbot-Torro is a German-British brand, founded by Derek Talbot, a very good British badminton player who made a significant contribution to making badminton an Olympic game. Talbot-Torro is today the market leader in Central Europe in the field of recreational badminton and is characterized by great technologies and equipment with a fair price-performance ratio at the same time. 

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