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Talbot Torro Arrowspeed 399 Badminton Racket Entry Level 100% Graphite One Piece

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Talbot Torro Arrowspeed 399 Badminton Racket Entry Level Graphite 

  • One-piece, 100% graphite
  • Mid balanced - balanced, triangle profile
  • medium shaft flexibility
  • 84g unstrung, 89g strung, multifilament galaxy string
  • Color: black-orange, all-round.

The new Talbot Torro Arrowspeed 399 is the entry-level racket in the full graphite area: a great racket for relatively little money. It is made from 100% high quality graphite. This makes it significantly lighter than metal or composite clubs and the shaft is noticeably more flexible for more ball acceleration and power. The Arrowspeed 399 is completely made of one piece (one piece construction), the connection between head and shaft is no longer a weak point. The handy, balanced, light racket weighs only 84 g unstrung or 89 g strung. The medium shaft flexibility is a good compromise between control and power. The head is slightly angular; This triangle head profile makes the racket more torsionally stiff and balls hit off-center do not twist it too much (=> more control when striking). The Arrowspeed 399 is strung with the multifilament Talbot-Torro Galaxy string in 0.8 mm - durable and elastic. The maximum recommended tension is 9 kg.

Talbot-Torro is a German-British brand, founded by Derek Talbot, a very good British badminton player who made a significant contribution to making badminton an Olympic game. Talbot-Torro is today the market leader in Central Europe in the field of recreational badminton and is characterized by great technologies and equipment with a fair price-performance ratio at the same time.

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