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Talbot Torro Badminton Tech 350 Medium Nylon Shuttlecocks - White / Blue - 3 pcs

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Talbot Torro Badminton Tech 350, White/Blue Medium Nylon Shuttlecocks 3 pack

  • Box of 6 high quality speed badminton balls
  • 4 fast "racers" and 2 slow "starters" in a practical rotating box
  • Wind stable, fast, direct trajectory
  • ideal ball for every speed badminton set
  • high-quality, durable nylon, good flight characteristics, great price-performance ratio

The high-quality Talbot-Torro shuttles in the 6-pack are perfect for speed badminton beginners and advanced players. The practical rotating box contains 4 fast "Racer" and 2 slower "Starter" balls. Speed badminton is probably the most versatile setback game in the world! The game is played on the beach, in the park or in the garden - completely without a network. The wind-stable ball is heavier and smaller than a normal shuttlecock and brings extra speed.

The well-known German brand Talbot-Torro has been the market leader in badminton sets for years and now also offers a high-quality and extensive collection of speed badminton sets with a great price-performance ratio.

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