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Talbot Torro Badminton Tech 350 Medium Nylon Shuttlecocks Yellow / Blue - 3 pcs

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Talbot Torro Badminton Tech 350, Yellow/Blue Medium Nylon Shuttlecocks 3 pack

  • Durable quality nylon shuttlecock for leisure and club use, also ideal for training
  • with cork base (high quality workmanship, pleasant playing feeling)
  • Color: yellow (many players find it more pleasant due to the color contrast)
  • Speed: blue = medium (universal use)
  • practical, resealable box with 3 balls

The Tech 350 from the well-known German-British brand Talbot-Torro is a durable nylon shuttlecock with a base made of synthetic cork. It is particularly suitable for recreational sports, training or school, but also as a high-quality replacement ball for outdoor badminton sets. The ball has good flight characteristics. There are 3 yellow balls in medium speed (blue) in a can. The speed can be recognized by the corresponding colored marking on the shuttlecock head. A colored band is attached here.

The German-British brand Talbot-Torro was founded, among others, by the British badminton champion Derek Talbot, who after his active time as a player was very committed to making badminton an Olympic game. Talbot-Torro is now the clear market leader in the leisure badminton segment in Central Europe and offers an excellent price-performance ratio.


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