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Talbot Torro Badminton Telescopic Net Set Extendable Poles

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Talbot Torro Badminton Telescopic Net Set Extendable Poles 610 x 155cm

  • extendable telescopic poles
  • Dimensions: approx. 610 x 155 cm
  • with carrying case
  • light nylon net
  • extendable telescopic pole
  • complete with guy ropes and plastic pegs
  • in a nylon carrybag

The telescopic net from Talbot-Torro is a multi-sided, height-adjustable leisure net for badminton and shuttlecock, but also for other sports (such as hand shuttlecock, foot shuttlecock, jazzminton, ball over the string, etc.). Reasonable basic quality for use in the garden, vacation and quarry pond. The telescopic posts made of black painted metal allow net heights of 1.25 meters to a maximum of 1.55 meters. The set can be set up lower for smaller children, for example. At the same time, the telescope principle eliminates the annoying assembly of the tubes, as is the case with multi-part posts. The net width is 6.10 meters. The height and width therefore correspond to the official dimensions for a badminton net. The net itself is made of nylon and is of simple leisure quality. The net is tensioned to the side with the cords and pegs.

Talbot-Torro was founded by the British badminton champion Derek Talbot, who was very committed to making badminton Olympic after his playing days. Talbot-Torro is now the clear market leader in the leisure badminton segment in Central Europe and offers an excellent price-performance ratio.

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