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Talbot Torro ELI Teen Badminton Racket for Junior 8-10 Years - Light and Robust

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Talbot Torro ELI Teen Badminton Racket Ideal For Junior Student Use

The ELI Teen is the big bat of the ELI series by Talbot-Torro (from approx. 8-10 years). It has an isometric head with an enlarged sweetspot for a forgiving game (for off-center hits). Due to the shortened shaft, the racket (only 63 cm) is easy to handle for the juniors, lighter and avoiding ground contact. The special learning handle is oval and is therefore uncomfortable in the hand if the club is held incorrectly (so-called frying pan position). In addition, all ELI rackets are equipped with an innovative grip tape concept that uses color markings to show the student the correct finger position for forehand and backhand (self-control).

The robust construction of hardened steel shaft and light aluminum head is approx. 20g lighter than a pure steel club and much easier to handle. Weight including stringing: approx. 95g, maximum recommended tension: 7 kg. With the ELI concept (Easy Learning Initiative) specially tailored to children and beginners, Talbot-Torro promotes the next generation at an early stage. The concept was developed by Talbot-Torro in collaboration with the former national badminton trainer Holger Hasse. The ELI concept is the further development and improvement of the popular BISI series from Talbot-Torro, which has been a reference in badminton school sport for over a decade. The easy transition from "ELI Mini" (from approx. 4 years) to "ELI Junior" (from approx. 6 years) and "ELI Teen" (from 8-10 years) to "ELI Advanced" (from 10 years) thus enables learning that is gradually adapted to the needs of the respective age group. In addition to the 4 different clubs, the ELI overall concept also includes the ELI ball. A very robust shuttlecock made of high-quality and durable nylon with a foamed base.

Talbot-Torro is a German-British brand, founded by Derek Talbot, a formerly very good British badminton player who played a key role in making badminton an Olympic game. Talbot-Torro is today the market leader in Central Europe in the field of recreational badminton and is characterized by great technologies and equipment with a fair price-performance ratio at the same time.

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