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Talbot Torro Speed Badminton Set - 2 Handy Rackets and 3 Shuttlecocks Balls

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Talbot Torro Speed Badminton Racket & Ball Set - 2 Rackets 3 Balls

Pure speed badminton: The entry-level set Speed 4400 from Talbot-Torro comes with a triple can of balls (2 fast "Racers", 1 slower "Starter") and in a trendy sling bag with a mesh front. The handy rackets (length 54.5cm, weight 165g, frame profile 17.3mm) are 4cm shorter than the normal speed badminton racket and therefore much easier to handle; Beginners, recreational players but also children have much more fun and a faster sense of achievement with this set!

Speed badminton (often also referred to as crossminton) is probably the most versatile setback game in the world! The game is played on the beach, in the park or in the garden - completely without a network. The special thing about speed badminton is its wind stability - who doesn't know the frustrating attempts to play badminton in light winds? The wind-stable speed badminton ball is heavier and smaller than a normal shuttlecock and brings extra speed.

The well-known German brand Talbot-Torro has been the market leader in badminton sets for years and today also offers a high-quality and extensive collection of speed badminton sets with a great price-performance ratio.

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