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Torq Explore Flapjack Organic 65g Low Fat Natural Flavours Sports Boosters - 20 Units

by Torq
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  • ENERGY-PACKED DELICIOUSNESS: Indulge in Torq Explore Flapjacks, specially crafted for outdoor enthusiasts and cyclists. Enjoy the wholesome goodness of organic oats, raisins, golden syrup, and energy-rich maltodextrin for sustained energy on your adventures.
  • ACTIVE LIFESTYLES: Fuel your active pursuits with Torqs organic, vegan-friendly flapjacks. Loaded with natural ingredients, these flapjacks offer a tasty, guilt-free snack for your outdoor escapades.
  • LOW-FAT: Torq Explore Flapjacks contain less than half the fat of regular flapjacks, ensuring efficient energy delivery without compromising on taste. Perfect for maintaining energy levels during your adventures.
  • NATURAL SNACK: Whether during a hike or as a mid-day snack, savor the scrumptious homely goodness of Torq Explore Flapjacks. A convenient, natural snack for any time of day.
  • ORGANIC, VEGAN-FRIENDLY: Made with organic ingredients and vegan-friendly, Torq Explore Flapjacks offer a guilt-free snacking option for health-conscious individuals pursuing their adventures.


  • Type: Energy Flapjack
  • Brand: Torq
  • Flavour: Apple Strudel, Carrot Cake, Ginger Cake, Banana Cake, Bakewell, Black Forest
  • Weight: 65g
  • Features: No colours, artificial flavours or preservatives


  • 1x Torq Explore 65g Flapjack 20 Units

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