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Torq Vegan 500g Recovery Drink Nutritional Performance Whey Protein Muscles Recovery Powder Supplement

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  • PEA PROTEIN: For good reason, pea protein has grown in popularity in recent years. Torq vegan recovery drink contains high-quality pea protein, which contains all of the key amino acids required for muscle repair and development. Pea protein, unlike other protein sources, is easily digested and hypoallergenic, making it acceptable for anyone with dietary limitations or allergies.
  • FAST-ACTING GI CARBS: Torq vegan recovery drink contains fast-acting high glycemic index (GI) carbohydrates to repair glycogen reserves and initiate the recovery process. These carbs are quickly absorbed by the body, providing a burst of energy to fatigued muscles. Athletes may ensure they have the energy reserves they need for their next training session or competition by swiftly replenishing glycogen storage.
  • MUSCLE SUPPORT: Muscle and immune support are critical components of the healing process. Torq vegan recovery drink recognizes this and contains L-Glutamine, an amino acid acknowledged for its muscle-preserving qualities. Glutamine prevents muscle breakdown and boosts immunological function, allowing athletes to recover fast and stay healthy.
  • CELLULAR REGENERATION: TORQ takes recovery to the next level by using D-Ribose, a one-of-a-kind ingredient that separates their vegan recovery drink from the competition. D-ribose performs at the intracellular level to restock energy and promote cellular regeneration. This allows fatigued muscles to revive and recharge more effectively, resulting in enhanced performance and less tiredness.
  • CONVENIENCE AND VERSATILITY: The Torq vegan recovery drink's adaptability is one of its most striking features. It is easily and quickly blended with either fruit juice or oat milk, allowing users to personalize their recovery drink. Whether personalizes prefer a fruity twist or a creamier texture, the Torq vegan recovery drinks your experience without sacrificing taste or texture. 


  • Type: Recovery Drink
  • Brand: Torq
  • Flavour: Creamy Cocca & Robust Fruity
  • Size: 500mg 
  • Features: Nutritional Support, Cellular Regeneration, Immune System Protection
  • Active Ingredients: D-Ribose, L-Glutamine


  • 1x Torq Vegan Recovery Drink 500mg Pouch

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