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Unicorn Tungsten Darts Set World Champion Anderson Aluminium Shaft 21/23/25/27G

by Unicorn
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  • DART SHAFTS: Shafts have the greatest impact on how a dart feels from the final point of release to the dartboard and all Unicron darts shafts offer the ultimate feeling of strength and directness.
  • DART TIP: Our dart tips are sharp enough to adhere to bristle or paper dartboard fibers while being soft enough not to damage either. Every single player demands high-strength steel in every set and we deliver.
  • DART BARREL: These darts are uniquely stylish with their sturdy barrel design. The round cross pattern provides an excellent grip for precise casting.
  • DART FLIGHT: Extra thick flights offer the ultimate in durability and flight stability and are used by hundreds of top pros - the flight strength of choice.
  • SUITABLE FOR ANY PLAYER: No matter whether you are a professional player, unicorn dart player or beginner, this dart is suitable for people of any level. It is a great game that can bring people fun.


  • Design: Phase 3
  • Material: Tungsten 90%
  • Weight: 21g, 23g, 25g,27g
  • Barrel Shape: Straight
  • Barrel Length: 52.30mm
  • Barrel Diameter: 6.40mm
  • Grip Type - Ringed
  • Nose Shape: Tapered
  • Colour: Silver, Blue


  • 3x Gray Anderson Phase 3 Darts

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