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USN Blue Lab Training Powder - Whey Protein - Muscle Growth & Recovery - 2KG

by USN
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USN Blue Lab Whey Protein Muscle Growth Repair Recovery Training Powder - 2KG

Backed by Science, Perfected by You. USN Blue Lab Whey marks the industry’s first consumer feedback based R&D programme, to ensure the best tasting, highest quality Whey Protein yet!

Comprised of Whey Protein Concentrate, Isolate and Hydrolysate, USN Blue Lab Whey delivers 26g Protein per serving, 5800mg BCAAs and just 1.6g Sugar, making this perfect for lean muscle maintenance. USN Blue Lab Whey is the new premium offering in Whey Protein. Maximise your muscle development and use a product taken by Pro’s worldwide, available in four easy-mix, great tasting flavours; Caramel Chocolate, Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla.

Serving size: 1 Scoop (34g) (Nutritional Values might vary across the flavours)

  •                     Per 100g           Per 34g
  • Energy 1632kj (386kcal)        555kj (131kcal)
  • Protein    77g                          26g
  • Carbohydrate Of which sugars (Lactose) 6.5g 4.7g 2.8g 1.6g
  • Fat           5.7g                         1.9g
  •   Of Which Sugars 4.7g          1.6g
  • Salt          1g                            0.4g 
  • Fibre         0.7g                        0.2g
  • Potassium  335mg                  121mg
  • Calcium    452mg                    154mg
  • Phosperous  178mg                 60mg
  • Magnesium  34mg                   11mg
  • Typical Amino Acid Profile g/34g   

Alanine 1.3, Arginine 0.7, Aspartic Acid 2.7, Cystine / Cysteine 0.6, Glutamic Acid 4.5, Glycine 0.5, Histidine 0.4, Isoleucine 1.6, Leucine 2.7, Lysine 2.4, Methionine 0.5, Phyenylalanine 0.8, Proline 1.7   Serine 1.2, Threonine 1.8

Flavours Available

  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla

Model BLW1

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