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Arena Cobra Ultra Swimming Goggles Swipe Mirror Racing Unisex Emerald-Peacock

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  • HYDRODYNAMIC DESIGN: The hydrodynamic design of the goggles reduces drag in the water, enabling swimmers to go through the water more quickly and with less resistance. Offer a broad field of vision, enabling swimmers can observe opponents and their surroundings well in training or competition.
  • UV PROTECTION: The lenses are appropriate for outdoor swimming and provide UV protection, safeguarding the eyes from damaging UVA and UVB radiation. This helps prevent eye damage from the sun.
  • SWIPE ANTI-FOG TECHNOLOGY: With the Arena Swipe Anti-Fog technology in these goggles, swimmers can quickly remove any fog accumulation on the lenses by swiping their fingers inside. This guarantees that you can see clearly while swimming.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: These goggles are made of premium materials and are intended to survive hard use in training and competitive environments. The lenses' resistance to scratches guarantees continued performance and clarity.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE FIT: They come with adjustable silicone straps and interchangeable nose bridges, allowing swimmers to customize the fit for their face shape and size. This ensures a comfortable and secure fit, reducing the likelihood of leaks during races or training sessions.


  • Brand: Arena
  • Material composition: 70% Polycarbonate, 20% Silicone, 10% Thermoplastic Elastomers
  • Features: Antifog, UV Protection, Interchangeable Nose Bridge
  • Suitable For: Adults
  • Mirror Lens Tint Level: 10/10
  • Gender: Unisex


  • Emerald-Peacock


  • 1x Cobra Ultra Swipe Mirror Goggles

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