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Arena Race Swimming Powerskin Carbon Glide Jammers Fina Approved - Black/Gold

by Arena
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Shortly after the start and the first strokes, you will experience the unique flow of our new high-tech swimsuit. Our Powerskin Carbon Glide Jammers are designed for swimmers who want to feel the sensation of speeding up close! Constructed from an ultra-light Hydro glide outer layer, this innovative model effectively reduces drag and turbulence. Strategic areas of the jammer feature compact carbon mesh weave and supportive taping to effectively compress and activate muscles. The Powerskin jammer is completely streamlined inside and out so that your power in the water can be converted into performance in the best possible way.


  • HYDRO GLIDE FABRIC: Smooth, ultralight and hydrodynamic, it glides over the water excellently. Reduction of friction and turbulence in critical areas.
  • CARBON EXTREME CAGE: A dense grid wraps around specific muscle groups, to offer maximum compression, but at the same time a feeling of lightness. Friction reduction.
  • ULTRA LIGHT: Hydro glide fabric is ultra-lightweight and smooth to the touch, allowing you to glide through the water like never before for maximum speed and reduced drag and turbulence.
  • MUSCLE ACTIVATION: Internal lining with integrated carbon fibre strategically positioned to activate the main muscle groups, to guarantee you even greater support and hydrodynamics.
  • ????SPEED: When you're off the blocks and into your race, feel the instant flow in our newest tech suit for men. Our Powerskin Carbon Glide Jammers are created for swimmers who crave the sensation of speed in the suit they compete in.


  • 1x Men's Jammer

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