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Arena The One Goggle Junior Kids Swimming Goggles Great Vision Watertight Design

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Arena The One Goggle Junior Kids Swimming Goggles Great Vision Watertight Design

Arena's "The One" junior goggle in Violet/Pink has been packed full of features all designed for the fitness and recreational swimmer. Arena has looked to improve the comfort and security for all swimmers. They have developed a brand new gasket system known as "orbit proof technology". As well as this new technology, they have focused on improving swimmers vision, comfort and the ease of use that is often difficult in some goggles.

Orbit Proof Technology

The area around the eye socket - known as the orbit is the most important part of the face when it comes to the design of swimming goggles. This is where the seals of the goggles need to create a watertight fit, in order to ensure the swimmer has a comfortable, secure, and distraction-free experience in the water. Arena undertook extensive research in order to identify common traits in human facial structures.
The result of this research is arena’s new Orbit Proof Technology, which incorporates an innovative seal design that avoids areas of the orbit whose movement could break the suction of the goggles.

Panoramic Lateral Vision

The One's wide lens design gives the swimmer clear vision both ahead and to the sides, for a panoramic lateral vision that's ideal for staying on track in a workout session and staying clear of stray arms and legs in a crowded pool.

No Distortion

The hard lenses are treated with an anti-fog coating to provide crystal-clear. distortion-free visibility and the best possible underwater vision, while their polycarbonate base gives extra protection against external contact

Maximum Comfort

In addition to their ergonomic design, the goggles' one-piece construction offers supreme comfort due to the embedding of the lenses and clips in the frame, which means that the goggles perform as a single unified entity.

Ease of use

The One goggle optimize comfort with an adjustment clip that allows the swimmer to create their own customized fit. It is not only is it extremely easy to use, the clip is also integrated into the design which gives the goggle an overall improved look.

These goggles are constructed from hypoallergenic materials

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