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Covermark Leg Magic Fluid Natural Waterproof Makeup For Legs And Body

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Covermark Leg Magic Fluid Ultimate Conceal 24Hour Waterproof Makeup 75ml Fluid foundation for the body, hydrating and flaws reflecting Description: Covermark Leg Magic Fluid n ° 50 75ml concealer Foundation for the body, Leg Magic Fluid is a true blurrer of defects to the solar protection factor 40, ideal to sublimate your skin as soon as the arrival of the beautiful days. Thanks to its fluid texture, Leg Magic Fluid is ideal for application over a wide area (legs, cleavage, arms,...). While moisturizing the skin, it allows to unify it and disguise the small disgraces present on the body: veins, Pigmented,... It is water resistant, allows sea-bathing and does not stain clothing. For all skin types. Waterproof. Holding 24 hours. Hypoallergenic. Sun protection SPF 40. Available in 6 shades. Model 2CM-LF-618625

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