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Easy Body Water Less No Excess Water For Women 90 Caps

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Easy Body Water Less No Excess Water For Women 90 Caps

Stop excess water

  • All-natural formula
  • Helps fight against excess water
  • Helps slim & tighten problem areas

Water retention in sensible areas like waist, hips and thighs is a problem women know very well. Waterless is a product that was specifically tailored to fight this issue. Developed using a blend of very carefully selected natural herbs including Dandelion, it will help reduce unwanted excess water. Many of the ingredients featured in Waterless composition have a water shedding effect, helping the body eliminate excess water through various mechanisms. 

What is water retention?

Several factors can lead to water retention: heat, staying up or in sitting position for too long, a bad diet (too much salt). Some women may experience water retention before their monthly periods or for other metabolic reasons. This situation can cause a swelling (called “oedema”) particularly felt in limbs like the hands, feet, legs or ankles. Other symptoms can include stiff joints, bloating of the abdominal area, or sudden weight gain.


Waterless is an all-natural formula

Waterless was formulated with only natural ingredients which help eliminate excess water from the body. 3 capsules of Waterless contain 375 mg of dandelion extract, a plant known for its powerful diuretic effect and about 15% (56 mg) of your daily need in magnesium, a very important mineral that contributes to electrolyte balance. It also contains many other plant extracts such as Parsley, Celery, Buchu, Juniper and Bladderwrack, plants that are all known for a long time as having powerful water shedding properties, meaning they help your body eliminate excess water by increasing urine production. 


Get a slimmer figure with Water Less

Waterless also helps women achieve a slimmer figure by eliminating the excess water. For those who are actively keeping an eye on their silhouette, it is definitely a good choice to add Waterless to a weight loss regimen as it will accentuate the effects for optimal results.


How to use Waterless

For optimal effects, it is recommended to take 3 capsules of Waterless with a large glass of water before bedtime

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