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Unicorn Flair 1 Tungsten Darts set 80% Natural Barrel Steel Tip Gold Titanium Coating

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  • 80% TUNGSTEN BARRELS: The unicorn darts are made from an 80% tungsten alloy crafted with precision and engineered for power, offering durability, precision, and optimal weight distribution for enhanced performance in dart throwing.
  • FLAIR ULTRA FLY FLIGHTS: These darts offer ultrafly flights designed for optimal trajectory and stability in flight making them the ultimate choice for players seeking precision and performance, ensuring that they last through many games and practice sessions.
  • GRIPER SHAFTS: Gripper Shafts are designed to fit most standard dart barrels and flights, making them compatible ensuring a more consistent throw and resistance to bending or breaking, even under heavy use.
  • ENGRAVED UNICORN HALLMARK: Unicorn is a well-established brand in the world of darts, known for producing high-quality dart types of equipment. The flair1 has engraved unicorn hallmarks, a mark of quality, authenticity, and brand recognition.
  • PINPOINT ACCURACY: These tungsten darts are engineered for pinpoint accuracy, providing a balanced feel for accurate throws ideal for competitive play and practice, ensuring long-term performance.


  • Brand: Unicorn 
  • Model: Flair1 
  • Material: 80% Tungsten Alloy 
  • Weight: 20 grams 
  • Design: Sleek and Streamlined 
  • Grip: Precision-Engineered 
  • Shaft: Durable 
  • Type: Dart Set 
  • Flight: Included, Optimal Trajectory and Stability 
  • Accuracy: Pinpoint Accuracy 
  • Versatility: Suitable for All Skill Levels 
  • Durability: High-Quality Materials, Long-Term Performance  


  • 1x Unicorn Darts Set

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